First days at the Commission - how it will be?

The Commission welcomes you in the first day with an administrative meeting held by the head of the Traineeship Office, where you will get some guidelines about how to better integrate, what are the 'rules' and 'facilites' inside the Commission.

Two days of conferences will follow, where you can meet and socialize with all you colleagues and hear some speaches from representatives of the Commission, Council and Parliament.

You can get involved in the Stage Committee, a small group of people in charge with the organization of the social and cultural activities for the stagiaires: parties, trips, museums' visits, solidarity projects, etc.

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alej said...

Any tips on the dress code for this first day?

I understand on the first day at the official placement we are advised to dress up business-like and then dress down accordingly if suited... but how about the registration day at the Traineeships Office @ Madou?