I was accepted;-)...

Approximately two weeks later after receiving the e-mail informing you that you were accepted, you will receive by post a pack with informations about the administrative procedures that you should follow further, as well as informations regarding the payment, accommodation, etc.

The commission doesn't provide accommodation, so you should solve this issue by yourself.


Anonymous said...

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I was preselected, but I would really like to know when you find out if you have been accepted. I have received another job offer and I don’t want to accept until I know I didn’t get one at the Commission. Do any of you know when about? I know the website says before mid January, but do any of you know people (or if there are any people from last year) that could give me a date they were told? I know it will differ, but I will be grateful for any information. Thanks

Babs said...

What a difference a day made - in the last 24 hours I got an email of a head of office. He asked me wether I was interested to work in his office doing this and that. After not responding in time - within the next 2 hours- to his message, he wrote me that he already booked me as an intern. So Brussels, here I come. Frankly, I must tell you that I would have never ever even thought of working in this specific office. It has little or rather barely anything to do with my present occupation, my special qualifications or interests. I feel a little bit of being forced into something that I wouldn't want to do. For I didn't even got the chance to reject the offer. If I chose to reject the position after beeing booked by an office, I would get kicked out of the blue book. That's the last thing I want to happen. On the other hand I am happy to get the chance to work for the EC. And damm - live is what you make out of it. See you soon in Brussels!!


Anonymous said...

Babs, congratulations! In which DG are you? Am also "in", so hope to see you in the corridor ;) If you want - write to me at: megikr@o2.pl
Best regards!

Ana Luísa said...

Hey people!!

I was also selected but I will stay in Luxembourg!!

I will be working in the EUROSTAT.

If you want to contact selected people, creat an account in facebook and start looking for the names that the trainees drop here, like Felicia recommended.

Search me by Ana São Marcos, in facebook, and another trainee left her name in the other comment area.

Take care
Ana Luísa

bcas said...


What is your education level? Does one need to study in Brussels? Did you have any previous experience? What are the most important criterium to get accepted?

Thanks is advance


Felicia Stoica said...

Hi Bruno,

There is not needed to study/work previously in Brussels in order to be accepted for the traineeship in the Commission.

Normally you should have an international experience (academic or professional), to prove your interest in EU matters (like studies for examples), to have proficiency in one EU language. These are basics.
The rest depends on the selection criteria of each recruiter, which differs from one person to another.
As more skilled as you are as higher the chances to be accepted.

Good luck,

bcas said...


Your answer has kept me wondering what would be more valuable from you viewpoint and according to what you perceived during your experience: study specifically a European topic or complement a more generic educational approach with a solid professional experience?

Thank you and congratulations to all selected so far


Anonymous said...

I've just been accepted for a March 2009 traineeship position with EUROSTAT in Luxemburg and I'm desperately searching for accomodation in Luxemburg.

I also created a group on Facebook "European Commission Trainees - 2009 Summer Stage" for all those in a similar situation to join and share tips concerning varous areas like accomodation.

BuRCi said...

I am also in :)
I will be in DG Employment in Brussels.

Anouk said...

Hi all,

I'm in as well, going to work in Ireland (Grange) for the FVO.. really exciting! And, like others, desperately seeking for living accommodation over there! Anybody some advice/experiences? Looking forward to go to Brussels!


Luces said...

Hello there! Has anybody been selected for DG Translation??
Many thanks!

Francesco. said...

hey, I also applied for a DG Translation traineeship, but I still haven't heard anything about it.. and on the site it still says "Selection-ongoing", do you happen to know if there is any problem with their site or is it just taking so long?

Anonymous said...

Great website! Thanks for all the information!
I opened a new facebookgroup for all the stagaires starting in October 2009. Feel free to join at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=40853528510#/group.php?gid=98053718731
See you in Brussels!