Five months inside the Commission

Each trainee will have his/her own desk, PC, telephone (with telephone number into the general address book of the Commission) as well as an adviser, who is an employee of the Commission (either Policy Officer, Head of Unit or....). The adviser will provide your 'job description' which reflects your tasks and duties during the five months of traineeship. You will be integrate in the team of the unit were you are assigned to, participate to the unit meetings, conferences and seminars related to your tasks.

The stage is a great opportunity to meet new people among the stagiaires, the employees or the participants of the events you take part (conferences, parties, etc)

Social life
The social life is one of the most interesting and attractive parts of the stage. You will have the opportunities to:
- join lots of parties: the Stage Committee is the main organizer of most of the parties
- go out for drinks: the same Stage Committee organize very often meetings among stagiaires within different pubs & bars in Brussels.
- do trips: Brussels is located very close to cities like Paris 1h30', London 2h, Amsterdam 3h30', Antwerp 45', Bruges 1h, Ghent 30', Maastricht 2h (by train)

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