Application procedures

On the Commission website you can find all the relevant informations about the application and selection procedures. Read it carefully before applying!
An useful .pdf file could be:

Tips & tricks
In the application form, when choosing the Directorates or Services within you would like to work, focus on the ones that suit best with your academic and professional background!
Avoid choosing an area of activity that doesn't have any relevance with your background, but you'll be happy to work in.
Before applying, have a look on the organizational charts of each Directorate General or Service


michal_cz said...

This comes from the UK representation website in Brussels, which I cannot remember. Here is a really interesting piece of information. If you really want to get into the EC, then it is better to avoid the most popular DGs as the competition is fierce (see below):

Relative popularity of Directorates-General/Services
on the basis of 6,000 applications on average per stage period3
Most popular DGs
- External Relations DG (600-700 applicants)
- Education and Culture DG (400-500 applicants)
Very popular DGs (300-400 applicants each)
- Legal Service
- Press and Communication Service
- Competition DG
- Employment and Social Affairs DG
- Environment DG
- Development DG
- Enlargement DG
- Humanitarian Aid Office
DGs receiving 200-300 applications each
- Economic and Financial Affairs DG
- Regional Policy DG
- Enterprise DG
DGs receiving 100-200 applications each
- Secretariat General
- Agriculture DG
- Energy and Transport DG
- Research DG/Joint Research Centre (combined)
- Information Society DG
- Internal Market DG
- Justice and Home Affairs DG
- Health and Consumer Protection DG
- Trade DG
- EuropeAid Cooperation Office
DGs receiving under 100 applicants each
- Fisheries DG
- Taxation and Customs Union DG
- Eurostat (Luxembourg)
- Personnel and Administration DG
- Informatics Directorate (Luxembourg)
- Budget DG
- Financial Control DG
- Joint Interpreting and Conference Service
- Publications Office (Luxembourg)
3 Based on statistical data for 1999 – 2000. Except for Group of Policy Advisers and
Internal Audit Service created in 2001.

Anonymous said...

it could be handy too

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

based on your experiences (direct or indirect), which DG would you suggest to a qualified lawyer with a postgraduate LL.M. in European (business) law and interests (but no professional activity, at least so far) in the field of ec antitrust law, international trade, energy law, private international law (especially the "comunitarization" of private int'l law)?
last time i had the bad idea of applying to DG Comp, DG Transport&Energy and DG Trade - one of the most wanted - and didn't get the chance to be selected, even though i got into the bluebook. what about trade, internal market and justcie & home affairs? what about legal advice within DG fisheries and/or Taxation? (although i'm not a tax lawyer...)?

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, but surfing around I came across another one with more complete info.

stem said...

Hello everyone!
Im applying for the new round of traineeship at the EC. People tell me that I have to include my DG top preferences...however, in the online application form there is no question concerning this issue...should I include this info in the motivation part? or where else?
Sorry to disturb you but I dont understand why everyone is talking about including the DG preferences!
Thanks for your time!

Anonymous said...

I was actually wondering the same, didn't find the DG preferences either!

zoi said...

I think that the procudure has changed!I do not understand though what our criteria should be in order to select a preferred employment area!They all seem to have many similarities...

Anonymous said...

They actually mention in one of the tips on how to fill up the app that the candidates no longer choose a specific DG but an area of their interest.
In section 2B (Motivation->Type of traineeship) you're being ask about the motivation of the choice and why you think you're suitable for it :)

Sascha said...

Which DG or Service?

Please note that the online form has been updated. The choice of 3 DGs is no longer relevant and applicants will have to select an area of employment instead.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody.
I'm going to apply for a EC traineeship and I find all these infos very interesting.
As I should choose an area I would like to work in, I was wondering if there is any updated statistics about the average number of people applying for each area.
Any idea about where to find something like that?
Thank you!